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Dec 23, 2020

In this episode, join me as we talk to Greg Demetriou, owner and CEO of Lorraine Gregory Communications (LGC). After a highly decorated tenure as a New York City police detective, Greg has spent the past 25 years as CEO of LGC, a full-service integrated marketing company that can take projects from concept to completion and handles the analytics process as well. He is also a successful author, business writer, and speaker. Listen as we discuss some of the best ways for a business to market itself in today’s climate.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • The most cost-effective way for a business to market itself. [8:24]
  • Whether small and medium enterprises can get the same traction in marketing as larger businesses. [11:52]
  • How COVID has changed the marketplace. [13:50]
  • The hottest marketing platform right now. [17:10]

Connect with Greg Demetriou

  • After a highly decorated tenure as a New York City Detective, Greg went on to build a new career as the CEO of Lorraine Gregory Communications (LGC) and has directed the growth of the company into the leading marketing and communications agency it is today. LGC now boasts a client list of over 800 with an expanding market share in the digital and online marketing sphere. In the past 25 years, LGC has consistently grown into a full-service agency that provides digital and direct marketing and also owns the factory end of the business. They produce high-end digital and offset printing, mailings, and fulfillment for their clients. LGC’s business model incorporates a concept to completion process. In addition to building such a legacy with LGC, Greg is also an accomplished author, business writer, and speaker.
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