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Apr 19, 2023

Captain Paul Watson is a marine wildlife conservation and environmental activist and the founder of the Capital Paul Watson Foundation. He was also one of the founding members and directors of Greenpeace, one of the most recognized conservation organizations in the world. In 1977, he left Greenpeace and founded the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Captain Watson has spent over 50 years at sea fighting illegal operations intent upon destruction and death, impacting all species in the sea from phytoplankton to Great Whales. He has shut down hundreds of illegal activities around the planet, saving hundreds of thousands of lives.

Captain Watson has never changed his outlook, dedication, courage, and imaginative thinking toward grinding effective solutions for the seemingly impossible problem of how we defend and protect life in the sea. 

He is arguably the most prolific and successful marine life conservationist of our time. Listen in for some great takeaways about Captain Waton’s journey as a marine wildlife and environmental activist and his mission to make the world a better place. 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Learn more about Captain Paul Watson and his mission [4:02]
  • Why Captain Watson was motivated to co-found Greenpeace [4:39] 
  • Why Captain Watson founded the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society [6:01] 
  • Sea Shepherd has become a decentralized global movement [8:54] 
  • Captain Watson’s experience looking into the eyes of a whale [10:31]
  • How the TV show “Whale Wars” is cultivating awareness [15:15] 
  • Using aggressive non-violence to save countless endangered species [16:55]
  • Why Captain Watson prefers not to work with governments [21:00]
  • The mission of the Captain Paul Watson Foundation [25:25]
  • Why is a healthy ocean so critical for the survival of this planet? [26:54] 
  • The companies that actually support ESG and climate initiatives [30:42] 
  • What Captain Watson has learned from decades in conservation [32:19]
  • How you can get involved in Captain Watson’s mission to save the planet [33:53]
  • What Captain Watson did today that put him in the mindset for success [35:52]

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