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Mar 8, 2023

Olivia Dreizen Howell is the co-founder of Fresh Starts Registry, the first-ever support registry and resource guide for anyone navigating life changes, including divorce or breakup, moving, career changes, stepping into your truth, or starting again after grief. 

When Olivia got married at 26, she didn’t think she’d find herself signing divorce papers eight years later. As she stood in her empty house, it dawned on her that we celebrate weddings but never the bravery it takes to restart your life. 

Fresh Starts Registry provides curated and researched product bundles and is a go-to source to help you find the basics you need for a fresh start so you can feel confident, proud, and ready to begin again. 

Listen in for some great takeaways about Olivia’s entrepreneurial journey, navigating life after divorce, and how she founded the Fresh Starts Registry.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Learn more about Olivia Dreizen Howell and Fresh Starts Registry [3:00] 
  • Fresh Starts Registry is a Resource Guide and community resource [10:03] 
  • Why Olivia refers to herself as “The Digital Yenta” [12:10]
  • What Olivia means when she says “Divorce is a gift” [14:06]
  • How to support someone going through a divorce [15:43] 
  • Olivia’s advice for navigating safely getting out of a bad marriage [20:21]
  • How Olivia built the resource guide to help people find their “hype team” [23:38] 
  • What you can learn from women who’ve gone through a divorce [26:32] 
  • What Olivia loves about living in Long Island [30:14]
  • What Olivia did today that put her in the right mindset for success [32:38]

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