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Dec 14, 2022

Today’s guest is Jeffrey Krentzman, the owner of The BBQ Cleaner and the host of the podcast, “Mind Your Pucking Business.” Jeff looks to help future entrepreneurs start their own BBQ grill cleaning business by arming them with a proven turnkey business model. 

Jeff knew that he wanted his own business early on, but wasn’t sure what direction to go. He was an avid reader of the “International Franchise” magazines, which is where he first heard of the Ovenu cleaning franchise business (based in Europe). Jeff saw an opportunity to bring the concept to the United States. A few months later, he launched his business.

A decade later, he has over 265 locations across the country. Listen in for some great takeaways about launching a franchise, what it’s like running a business with a nationwide presence, and the entrepreneurial mindset. 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Learn more about Jeff Krentzman and the BBQ Cleaner [3:58] 
  • Why Jeff launched his podcast, “Mind Your Pucking Business!” [6:30]
  • The best piece of advice Jeff wants aspiring entrepreneurs to know [10:34] 
  • What it’s like running a business with a large nationwide presence [13:02] 
  • What has catapulted the growth of the BBQ Cleaner? [14:52] 
  • Can you launch a BBQ Cleaner franchise as a side hustle? [16:20] 
  • The biggest reason Jeff’s locations have seen so much success [17:33] 
  • What using The BBQ Cleaner looks like for customers [19:31] 
  • How to open your own BBQ Cleaner franchise [20:25]
  • The biggest lesson Jeff has learned as an entrepreneur [21:15] 
  • Where Jeff got bit by the entrepreneurial bug [22:09] 
  • Learn more about Jeffrey’s podcast, “Mind Your Pucking Business!” [23:43] 
  • What’s up next for Jeffrey Krentzman, the next big thing? [26:19]
  • What Jeff did that put him in the right mindset for success [27:41]

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I started The BBQ Cleaner in 2009 and it has now expanded to over 265 locations across the country. We provide people with everything they need to start their own grill cleaning business. I also host a weekly podcast, Mind Your Own Pucking Business, which focuses on hockey but also small business and entrepreneurship.

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