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May 12, 2021

Today's guests on the Mitlin Money Mindset™ are Jon Ledecky co-owner of the New York Islanders and Len Potter part of the ownership group for the Seattle Kraken. Jon and Len have known each other for over 30 years and now are in the unique position of owning franchises that are part of the National Hockey League. Len and his team at the Kraken are in the process of putting together a team that will experience great success in the 2021-2022 season. While Jon and the New York Islanders are looking to return a rich tradition of winning to their franchise. Both are in the process of constructing new arenas and are passionate about the game of hockey and their local communities. Their respective franchises and arenas are so much more than just that, they're going to be pillars for the community. Listen in as Len and Jon share their passion for the game of hockey, the Peconic Hockey Foundation, their fans, and their communities.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Jon & Len’s paths to becoming owners of NHL Franchises? [2:12]
  • What was it that drew them to hockey? [4:01]
  • How these teams are helping expand and grow the game of hockey? [6:38]
  • Why is Peconic Hockey Foundation and having a rink on the East End important [12:10]
  • What are your respective arenas going to have to serve their fan base? [17:51]
  • Their favorite parts of their new arenas [24:15]
  • The next steps for Len & Jon’s organizations [33:19]
  • What do they see for the future of hockey and the growth of the game [40:55]
  • What Len did today that put him in the right mindset for success? [46:32]
  • What Jon did today that put him in the right mindset for success? [47:05]

Resources & People Mentioned

Connect with Seattle Kraken and New York Islanders


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