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Aug 23, 2023

Tucker Bryant is a nationally renowned poet and keynote speaker. He spent a decade between Stanford and Google and learned something striking: Even people on the cutting edge of innovation struggle to take risks. 

We all want to step out of our comfort zones, but our instinct to protect that unconscious comfort suffocates our creativity. We disengage from our work and our ability to lead is stunted. 

Tucker’s experience in Silicon Valley has driven him to pursue the answer to one question: How can we tear down the comfort zones that keep businesses from writing their best poetry? 

Tucker delivers keynote performances that reveal how the poet’s keys enable leaders to overcome universal barriers to change and unlock the doors to innovation in the areas that need it most. 

Listen to this episode to learn how Tucker uses poetry to engage entrepreneurs and help them write their best happily ever after(s). 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Learn more about renowned poet Tucker Bryant [3:07]
  • Why Tucker brands himself as a poet [4:15] 
  • Why words can be a powerful medium [6:04] 
  • Using words to motivate and inspire [9:32]
  • How to step outside of your comfort zone [12:18] 
  • Five ways to move beyond your fear [19:42]
  • Use your “flaws” to create your own narrative [22:55] 
  • How to listen to the world around you [27:54] 
  • Tucker shares an impactful piece of poetry [30:33] 
  • What Tucker did today that bought him joy [34:36] 

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