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Jan 19, 2022

What are the dreams you have for life? Are they merely daydreams or are you doing something practical to change yourself so you’ll be able to accomplish them? On this episode, Dan Mangena joins us… he’s a motivational speaker, author, and coach at “Dream with Dan.” His experience in life is the resources he draws from to help others. Diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome at age 27, which is quite late, he experienced a life-shattering trauma that set his life in a new direction. He spent the next 7 years struggling to keep the situation from spilling into every area of his life. As he received the proper help and resources, he was able to build his “Beyond Intention Paradigm” which helped transform his life from one of misery to celebration. Listen to learn how Dan helps others change their lives by changing themselves.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • How Dan walked the path of struggle, discovery, growth, and celebration [2:34]
  • Dan received a late diagnosis of Aspergers: How he reacted to the news [7:26]
  • The Beyond Intention Paradigm (4 steps) [12:40]
  • What Dan understands about alignment [15:14]
  • Dan’s approach and who he is able to help most effectively [18:58]
  • A few success stories from Dan’s coaching [22:14]
  • The ideal life blueprint [29:50]
  • What Dan did today that brought him joy and put him in a success mindset [32:58]

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