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Apr 5, 2023

Michael Lane is the Head of iShares U.S. Wealth Advisory at BlackRock and a member of the US Wealth Advisory and US iShares Executive Committees. Michael has worked with financial advisors for nearly three decades and oversees the development of advisor-xcentric solutions helping advisors build better portfolios. 

Prior to joining iShares at BlackRock in 2018, Michael served as the Global Head of Strategic Retirement Initiatives at Dimensional Fund Advisors where he was responsible for the strategic development and global distribution of retirement solutions for one of the world's premier asset managers. 

Michael has published three books, including “Secrets of the Wealth Makers,” as well as a range of articles on financial planning and advisory practices. He’s also a member of the Carson Wealth FinServ Advisory Council and he is kicking off the FinServ Foundation’s Next-Gen program—an initiative that will focus on bringing diverse talent to the financial services industry.

He’s a fellow Binghamton University alum and serves as an Executive Committee member of the Binghamton University Foundation Board and received the Medal of Distinguished Service in 2019. Listen in for some great takeaways about Michael’s journey from Binghamton to BlackRock and how he’s making an impact on the profession. 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Learn more about Michael Lane [3:54]
  • Michael’s favorite memories from Binghamton [6:03] 
  • The transition from farm life to big city living [9:59] 
  • What Michael wishes people knew about BlackRock [11:30] 
  • How to reach people in need of financial literacy [14:55] 
  • Parents need to instill financial literacy in their kids [20:07] 
  • Michael has always sought to “Do the right thing” [24:34] 
  • The intersection between technology and risk [28:35] 
  • What does “Find your freedom” mean for Michael? [34:09] 
  • Michael shares how his love for wine became a venture [38:54] 
  • Why Michael is launching a podcast with his son [41:10]
  • What Michael did today that put him in the mindset for success [44:35] 

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