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Oct 14, 2020

Do you enjoy travel? What’s the perfect, exotic vacation you would take if expense and time were no object? Suzanne Kostalnick discovered her passion for travel at a young age, living abroad in places like Indonesia and the UK with her family. During her first job as a teacher, she took students on trips to Europe. She and her husband always traveled as much as they could, and when their kids were five, they decided to make travel an integral part of their kids’ lives and broaden their exposure to the world. They made a conscious effort to make travel an important part of their family experiences and have taken the kids all over the world. 

Travel advising seemed the perfect opportunity for Suzanne to spend more time with her children and also share her passion with more people. She told me there is nothing more satisfying than being in touch with her clients, seeing their pictures, hearing their stories, and knowing she has helped create some positive family bonding time for them. Join me for this delightful conversation with travel consultant, Suzanne Kostalnick.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • [2:45] Suzanne’s opinion for the top brand for her family for the best travel experiences.
  • [5:58] Top destinations right now for families and for couples.
  • [7:14] One of the few places out of the country where you DON’T have to travel with a COVID test
  • [10:53] Number one destination she gets inquiries about.
  • [17:13] The added benefit of working with a boutique travel agency versus an online agency.
  • [21:04] Taking the current world landscape in mind, the new travel trends moving forward.
  • [24:58] What Suzanne does every day that brings her joy and puts her in the right mindset for success.

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Suzanne developed a love for travel at a young age and continues to nurture that love today. Having traveled extensively as a child, alone as a young adult and now with her husband and own children, she knows what details make each trip special. She has been able to use her own varied luxury travel experiences as a guide for others. 

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