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Jan 18, 2023

Today’s guest is Rob Dube, the co-founder, owner, and Board Chair of imageOne and the Visionary/CEO of The 10 Disciplines for Managing and Maximizing Your Energy. Rob started his first business in high school selling Blow Pops out of his locker. In 1991, he founded imageOne with his best friend, Joel Pearlman.

Rob helped guide the company with a focus on its purpose: to deliver genuine care that consistently drives extraordinary energy, actions, and experiences to every one, every day, every time. A unique approach to business that has driven the company to success in its industry. 

Rob is also the Visionary/CEO of The 10 Disciplines for Managing and Maximizing Your Energy, a video-based journey that teaches people 10 fast, simple, powerful, and fully customizable disciplines to manage and maximize their energy and live an optimal life.

Rob challenges business leaders and entrepreneurs to look inward with mindfulness and meditation by sharing his own mindful leadership journey. Listen in for some great takeaways about Rob’s entrepreneurial journey and how he’s using his experiences to empower and energize others to lead their best lives. 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Learn how Rob became the “Visionary” of The 10 Disciplines [3:44]
  • Rob shares a ten-thousand-foot view of what EOS is [5:10] 
  • The purpose of The “10 Disciplines for Managing and Maximizing Your Energy” [7:44]
  • Do you need to be familiar with EOS to implement the 10 Disciplines? [11:20] 
  • The 10 Disciplines for Managing and Maximizing Your Energy [12:10]
  • How the 10 Disciplines tie into EOS and living The EOS Life [25:12] 
  • Are all the disciplines equally important or do some carry more weight? [28:29]
  • The best way to adopt these disciplines into your business and lives [29:59
  • Three takeaways entrepreneurs should expect to walk away with [31:29]
  • How the 10 Disciplines and EOS have impacted Rob personally [32:45]
  • What Rob did today that put him in the right mindset for success [35:39]

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