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Aug 4, 2021

Our guest on this 40th episode of the Mitlin Money Mindset™ is Jennifer Louden. Jennifer is a personal growth pioneer who has helped launch the concept of self-care with her 1992 best-selling debut book, The Woman's Comfort Book. She's the author of six additional books, including The Woman's Retreat BookThe Life Organizer, and her newest release Why Bother. She's appeared on a number of podcasts, radio, and television shows, including The Oprah Winfrey Show. As an entrepreneur and educator, Jennifer has offered women's retreats for over 25 years and she's on a mission to help women create the life and work they love. There are some awesome takeaways from our conversation, so be sure to listen in. 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Jennifer’s journey to becoming a personal growth pioneer [2:18]
  • Who are the people Jennifer is looking to help; her target market? [6:45]
  • How Jennifer helps people and her main areas of focus? [8:07]
  • What Jennifer sees that hinders people from experiencing personal growth? [11:33]
  • Setting yourself up mentally for retirement BEFORE retirement [15:18]
  • What signs should you look for that indicate the need for personal growth? [19:09]
  • Simple things that you can do to take action to improve yourself [21:57]
  • How important is mindset when it comes to focusing on personal growth? [26:46]
  • What Jennifer did today that put her in the right mindset for success? [28:37]


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