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Jan 20, 2021

As you might imagine, the college experience today is not what it used to be even a year ago. The pandemic and related issues have made the journey to college troublesome if not seemingly impossible for many students and their parents. Hans Hanson is focused on helping make the transition into college not only possible but the best fit it can be for each family.

Join us for this conversation where Hans explains what he does as a college advisor, how it benefits the people he works with, and how the recent changes in colleges due to the Pandemic of 2020 have impacted how he helps students and their families.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • College advisors: what do they do and how did Hans get into his line of work? [2:01]
  • Why the school guidance counselor can’t do what needs to be done [7:07]
  • The biggest mistakes parents make and how colleges may be a bit tricky [11:10]
  • Understand how colleges make money and why they require the things they do [22:10]


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Han’s bio (in his own words): I am a national college advisor. National means I’ve worked with families and colleges from every state in the country. College advisor means I teach kids how to take ownership of their life with college as its platform. College advisor also means that I save parents thousands on college costs. My job is to guide and direct families through the complicated process of college. We begin by teaching families the college perspective and what colleges want from families. We then build a personalized college list matching the qualifications, interests, and needs of the student family. This puts the family in control! We then implement our winning game-plan putting people on the right colleges, meeting the right people, and asking the right questions. This is the difference-maker, the game-changer to better understanding how the college does its business and understanding real opportunity…what it is, not what it seems. This is the focus of our exclusive “5 Step Approach” to- • Winning preferred admission acceptances • Maximizing scholarship potential • Choosing the right college major • Getting college right without bankrupting the family-finance I work with high school student-families who want to be more knowledgeable of the process and more on top of their game when its needed most. I created CollegeLogic to be a valuable resource for helping families quickly get started in the college process with a personalized game-plan and detailed play-book. Within hours, a family will have a knowledge-based strategy at their fingertips to follow. CollegeLogic is a close, personal resource for helping families solve the complex and expensive college equation. If you can dream, then we can help make your dream become reality. On a spring afternoon day in 2002, I witnessed a “parent-rant” and decided right then that I would spend the rest of my life helping families get college right. Since then, I have- • Presented over 500 educational talks and workshops related to achieving college success • Spoken in front of 50,000+ families • Worked with hundreds of families from around the world in finding their right college fit • Saved parents millions of dollars collectively on college costs • Published two Books, two workbooks, and many articles on college topics • Been interviewed and published on USA Today, Forbes, CNBC, Fast Company, MSN, Inc.500, Human Resource Executive, Private School Review, The Fiscal Times, and many more My families secure improved college options, save on college costs, make the right college choice, and get the college experience they want. This is my work. It’s a big responsibility, but I love it!

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