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Apr 20, 2022

Today's guest on the Mitlin Money Mindset™ is Emlen Miles-Mattingly, the CEO and founder of Gen Next Wealth and host of the Minority Money Podcast. Emlen uses his 20 years of experience in the financial services industry to help clients make smart financial decisions and encourages them to manage their resources in a way that leads to generational wealth. Prior to starting his firm Emlen sold life insurance products for large insurance companies. During this time he realized that he was selling products, but not providing solutions. This led him to start his firm. 

As a co-founder of the BLX Internship Program, he is also looking to further and strengthen the financial planning industry. This program is designed to provide an entry point to the profession for black and Latinx students and career changers. Emlen is very passionate about creating a path for those that are underrepresented in the financial profession. Listen in for some great takeaways about creating generational wealth and why Emlen is so passionate about helping educate people.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Emlen’s path to founding Gen Next Wealth [3:06]
  • What led to launching Minority Money? [5:52]
  • What has being a podcast host taught Emlen? [8:49]
  • One thing Emlen thinks highschoolers should be taught [9:45]
  • What has this journey taught Emlen about his emotional connection to money? [14:08]
  • What is Emlen so passionate about reaching minorities? [18:29]
  • Why is becoming a CFP® important to Emlen? [22:53]
  • Advice for those who want to be an ally to underrepresented advisors [31:05]
  • The next big thing for Emlen and Gen Next Wealth? [34:52]
  • What Emlen did today that put him in the right mindset for success? [36:16]

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