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Jul 7, 2021

Today's guest is Topher Scott, founder of the Hockey Think Tank. Topher played hockey at Cornell University where he was a two-year captain. After a brief stint playing professionally, he went on to be a division one assistant coach for six years at Miami of Ohio and Cornell. Topher currently works with organizations from youth to college levels in team-building and hockey development. The Hockey Think Tank provides a platform for connecting people that are passionate about the game of hockey. It provides a unique opportunity for dedicated coaches, players, and parents to gain and share hockey knowledge. Topher has created a community of people that are fans, players, and students of the game of hockey and are working diligently to grow the game. Which is something I am passionate about too!

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Topher’s path to founding the Hockey Think Tank [2:06]
  • What is the Hockey Think Tank all about? [5:20]
  • Things the Think Tank is trying to impart upon youth hockey players and parents [6:51]
  • Some of the things that Topher has taken away from working with youth players [13:55]
  • Is there a difference between a youth hockey player and other sports? [17:37]
  • Understanding the difference in the path of a hockey player vs other sports [21:00]
  • What's the goal of Topher’s podcast and what does he attribute the success to? [24:18]
  • Does Topher see anything changing with the game of hockey? [29:30]
  • What's the next big thing for the Hockey Think Tank? [31:50]
  • What Topher did today that put him in the right mindset for success? [32:39]

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