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Jul 20, 2022

After being a pastor for 20+ years Carey Green retired in 2013—but he still had to provide for his family. He'd been podcasting himself for a few years and recognized the needs podcasters have for audio production and show notes services, so he decided to give it a try. That’s how Podcast Fast Track was born. 

Fast forward to today and Podcast Fast Track serves 50+ podcasting clients every week. In addition to his role leading his team, Carey continues to podcast himself, publishing a daily, 6-minute Christian devotional podcast called "The Morning Mindset." His daily show is downloaded over 70,000 times per day in more than 198 countries.

Carey loves equipping those who have a great story to tell so that they can get that message out to those who need to hear it. Through monthly services, coaching, and group masterminds, Carey works to build long-lasting relationships with clients rather than temporary business transactions. 

Carey and his team have helped Mitlin Money Mindset™ move from a concept to a thriving weekly podcast. Listen in for some great takeaways about how to get started podcasting and how to maintain a successful podcast. 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • [3:25] Learn all about Carey Green and Podcast Fast Track
  • [5:41] Transitioning from one leadership role to another 
  • [8:13] Learn more about Podcast Fast Track and what they do
  • [10:19] Podcasting as a business’s marketing strategy
  • [12:04] How to start and cultivate a successful podcast 
  • [19:12] Carey’s #1 tip for someone interested in podcasting
  • [20:15] How podcasting will change in the upcoming years
  • [25:47] How do you define a successful podcast? 
  • [29:46] Ways to get more traction for your podcast
  • [33:33] Carey’s biggest pet peeve with podcasts
  • [36:48] What’s on the horizon for Podcast FastTrack?
  • [38:27] What Carey did that brought him joy 

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